Visual Communication

 Digital images

The pieces here have all been done in Adobe Photoshop, I don't really create anything from scratch. I find assets and edit them heavily to make whatever the image in my head looks like appear on screen. They are all sort of like digital collage

  PC Wallpapers


I am secretly a JellyFish

I created this Image to describe the feeling blue but not entirely blue, like when you're feeling blue but not really


Is it Christmas already

I created this Image when I was surprised by the news that christmas was only 2 days later


Pepsi Vs Coke

I made this because I wanted a simplistic design of a symbolic rivalry.

  Phone Backgrounds


Smells Like Fall to me

I made this because I wanted to represent the small of fall in a visual simplistic design


Underwater Heaven

A friend of mine requested I make an image of a tree underwater for her phone's background

  Cat Book

This book was done as an assignment for an artist book class where I tried to create an book about cats without a narrative that progressively gets creepier to flip through

page0 page1 page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 page6



On the edge of a cliff

I wanted to create a vertical landscape that showed what it looks like to be standing on the edge of a cliff watching the ocean and also showed a surrealistic star gaze


May the Broccoli be with you

this piece was inspired by Banksy's pulp fiction poster where they are holding bananas instead of guns, the name is ironic because I didn't actually put broccoli in the image


The Videos under here were edited/put together using adobe premiere pro.

  Will's Bizarre Adventure

This Video was my first short movie, the first time I tried filming something. The narrative is very abstract and loose and it was mainly made as a compilation of references to a famous anime called "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"