Built Environment

  Book of Truth


My first try at Book Folding
the word Truth with a butterfly next to it

  Bottle of Mystery


A classic message bottle sealed from the top with a message dangling in it shaking whenver the bottle is moved. provocative. The Idea behind it was a representation of a mystery, I was inspired by Agathat Christie's Then There Were None which is a famous mystery that was unsolved during the events of the book and later revealed through a message bottle. This Bottle is my representation of how I feel about a good mystery it's beautiful and provocative and the fact that it's provocative is what makes it beautiful sometimes in order to find out the solution you need to break the beauty of the mystery. this bottle is the same way in order to read the message inside you'll have to destroy it.
on the bottle I wrote :
All the answers
to all the mysteries
who are we ?
where did we come from?
what is the meaning of life ?
who dunnit?
how dunnit?
why dunnit?
The answers will allow you to transcend humanity
but to find them you'll need to decieve fate and break the vessel!
Good Luck!
the reason I wrote these things was as an attempt to emulate the curiosity inspired by a good mystery and the difficulty of the choice of whether or not I want to find out the solution and destroy a beautiful deception or live with my curiosity.